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Unemployment benefits and accepting a straight commission sales position Texas Texas

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  • Unemployment benefits and accepting a straight commission sales position Texas Texas

    If a Texas-based sales professional accepts a straight commission compensated outside sales position, can s/he continue receiving unemployment benefits until s/he receives the first commission check?

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    I'd call the TWC and ask, but I doubt it. You ARE working. The fact that you have not yet earned commissions is probably irrelevant. When you ask them, would you come back and let us know what they say?
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      Response from TWC

      A person who is working full time during any week is not eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits for that week, even if that person did not earn or receive compensation during that week.

      In the situation described in your Email, the person working as a straight-commission sales rep would not be eligible to receive UI benefits while working full time, even though that person would not be receiving commission payments.

      If that person were working part-time, he or she could continue to file claims for UI benefits, reporting the number of hours worked and reporting the amount of money earned, even though the compensation had not yet been paid (if no sales were made in a week for which commission would be due, the amount of money earned would be zero). The person would have to continue to search for full time work and continue to be available to accept an offer of full time work in order to be eligible to continue to receive UI benefits.


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        Thank you for coming back & giving us that information.
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