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Mandatory Christmas Party Texas

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  • Mandatory Christmas Party Texas

    I am a nurse and have a Christmas party that is mandatory. It is during business hours, but I am off work that day and live out of town. I will not be compesated to attend. If I do not attend, I was told that I would not recieve my Christmas bonus check, approx. $900.00. Is it legal to make this party mandatory,without pay, and them be able to withhold my bonus?

    Thank you in advance, gdsmith.

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    It would be legal to withhold your pay if you do not attend, but since attendance is mandatory, you must be paid for it, even though it is on your day off. I'm assuming you are a nonexempt (generally speaking, hourly-paid) employee, is that correct?
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      Thank you for your response. I guess maybe there was a hang up with the word party because when I went in this morning and called it a mandatory meeting there was a quick meeting of their own and they decided it wasn't mandatory to attend. I bit the bullet and went anyway, smiled a lot, and all is well. Thanks again.