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Harrassing a senior manager Texas

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  • Harrassing a senior manager Texas

    I'm a senior manager in Texas for a large fortune 500 Company. I was recently promoted and since my promotion there appears to be an orchastrated effort by a number of employees to undermine my authority and perhaps damage the reputation of my Company. I have been working closely with our Human Resouces department but I understand that their primary role is to protect the company. I do not have access to all of the complaints lodged against me but I do know that I'm being accussed of harrassing employees, verbal abuse etc.. These complaints have no basis in fact and I believe they form a part of a larger initiative whereby they can sue my company as part of an EEOC claim.

    What I'm wondering is how important is it for me, the senior manager to acquire my own legal council and what if anything can be done by me to deter these slanderous complaints being filed against me. Have I any legal options outside of following the lead of my company. Also, it is not unrealistic to believe that if things escalate any further the company may determine that I'm more of a liability and less of a an assett putting my Career at risk. Can these individuals be help liable if indeed this does take place?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    An EEOC complaint would imply that the harassment/discrimination is being made based on proctected classes (i.e. race).

    The first thing you can do is educate yourself on EEOC guidelines. It sounds as if you are working on this already (via interaction with HR).

    I suspect one of the larger problems is communication with your subordinates. I'm sure HR has been working with you on this as well. If EEO issues are at the heart of the complaints, it may not be a bad idea to have a "refresher" course on diversity training and sexual harassment. I'd suggest making this course mandatory for yourself and your subordinates. By participating in the process, you are showing that this initiative is important to you, your team and the organization. It may clear up some of the misunderstandings that exist.

    It may be too early to seek outside legal advice. Your company is under no obligation to allow your lawyer to participate in their internal investigations.