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Exempt hour laws

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  • Exempt hour laws

    I am new to this site so forgive me if these questions have been asked before. But let me get to the questions; my first question is my wife is a supervisors here in Texas and recently because of the errors that Her bosses have created with the new hours they have been told that they must work a minimum of 55 hrs. per wk. With that said are they entitled to comp. time if they have received it in the past years and/or is she entitled to overtime pay? They (the whole entire dept.) have been threatened with getting fired when questions arrive, for instance ("if your job depends on it and it may" ) this is just some of the quotes they have used.
    Hoping for resolution.
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    We would have no idea without knowing exactly what her duties are; the job title is irrelevant. Some "supervisors" can be exempt, some don't qualify. See here:

    Now, if she doesn't qualify as exempt, she can file a claim for unpaid overtime with the TWC. If she does meet the criteria for exempt status, "comp time" can be rescinded at any time, since it is not legally required and is really a "gift".
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