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required lunch breaks

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  • required lunch breaks

    my boss has said that a lunch is required for all employees that work 6 hours a day. She has gone so far asa deducting this 30 min ffrom paychecks when employees have only worked a 7 hour day and didn't take a lunch. Is this legal?

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    Assuming you are a nonexempt employee, you must be paid for all hours you work. If you work through the lunch period, then you must be paid for that time.

    However, although there is no law in Texas requiring the employer to provide meal breaks, the employer sets the rules. So, if they say take one, you take one and, if you don't, you can be disciplined for failure to follow company procedures, up to and including termination if the company so decides. The only way they CAN'T discipline you is by withholding pay for time you worked.
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