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is there a waiver for not taking meal breakin TN?

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  • is there a waiver for not taking meal breakin TN?

    i am a temp employee for a company in tn. i can make my own daily hours, i usually work between 5 1/2- 6 hours a day. but there are unforseen occassions when i stay a little beyond the 6 hours to complete my work, mostly due to volume. so far i've been paid for all time worked, however the HR keeps reminding all temp employees that the law requires to take a 30 minute break if you work 6 hours or more. is there any waiver in regards to this situation that i can sign. i know he's just covering he's "fanny" in case the records are audited. Thanks!


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    Here is the law and it does not specifically provide for a voluntary waiver. However, you can call the state Dept. of Labor to inquire.
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