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    Hello, I need help. My ex employer held my final check for 1 week, refused to allow me to come pick it up to begin with, told me it would be sent out in mail on Monday, Did not recieve until the following Monday. When I called mid week as to why I had not recieved my check, they told me it was mailed out Tues and put in a neighboring town's Post Office of which that mail goes to Knoxville, TN before being routed to my town. Upon opening my check, I found that my rate of pay was changed from 7.50 an hour to 5.15 an hour. Once again, I called and the owner said that when someone quits without notice, pay can be cut. Is this true? Trouble is, I was laid off and now she is stating I quit without notice. What should I do?
    Thank you
    Windwalker, Sevierville, TN

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    TN regulations regarding final pay dictate that final wages be paid the later of the next regular payday or 21 days. (An unusual requirement but that's the law in TN.) As to the pay reduction, contact TN's Department of Labor. Many States require advance notice by the employer before wages can lawfully be reduced.


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      Re I need help

      Thank you for your help and I will certainly follow up on this advice.
      Windwalker Sevierville, TN


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        my advise to you is to just go and talk to an attorney. they can tell you if the employer has the right to lower your pay from 7.50 to 5.15.


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          And an attorney will also charge the poster for that information. TN's DOL on the other hand will provide the same information at no charge.


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            Beth is correct

            There is a fine print that you sign at employment allowing an employer to reduce your pay rate and also gives them the right to deny you access to pick up your check. I held a job for a short time working for the CEO of a dairy company, and was released from my job because "it wasn't a good fit" but was also informed that without my knowledge at the time of the hiring, and training for the job that the duties and job would completely change, but this information was withheld from me. So I was hired for one job, trained for that job and then within 3 days it changed completely. Thereby, I was unable to learn fast enough what the new functions were. I was released from my duties and my final check was mailed to me a 2 weeks later. I did have some compassion on my bosses part in that my pay was not cut. Other than that, I do remember signing all the paperwork. I live in the Northern end of Tennessee and the labor laws are pretty lax for the employee. On that note, I'd also like to tell you fine people of another scam I've discovered in this area. My Aunt even pulled it. (known cases) Women are reporting to the state that thier spouse has left them or they are alone and are getting on Tenncare, free benefits completely. When in fact, the husband is retired or self employed and not filing taxes. One such woman I met that lives in a beautiful home, and her husband is a horse trader, owns a 2004, $45,000 truck, 3 trailers, and huge barn and 45 acres of land. She is on Tenncare. My own Aunt, whose husband was retired, reported that he left her, (then sent him to pick up the food stamps) they both are now passed away, and left 3 homes, all on 4 or more acres of land and a storage business to one daughter. Now ain't that a hoot.