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i'm being screwed over in Tennessee

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  • i'm being screwed over in Tennessee

    ok where to start, i am being taken advantage of and need some advice.
    i recently took all my pay stubs i have kept (i have kept them all) and tried to make sense of them due to the fact i did not get payed for some overtime i had recently worked. and let me tell you i found a huge mess. if anyone can help me make sense of this and tell me if what i describe is legal or not and the actions i might need to take would be a huge help. i am still currently employed at this company fyi.

    i started a job july 4th of 2010 working hourly for this very small company. (i was told that i would get paid as soon as things were set up for me as a new hire.)
    so, after the time clock was 'set up for me' i clocked in for the first time on aug 1 2010.
    i didn't receive a check from this company until 11/5/2010 (i was living off my saving until i got my first check) with the pay period on the check dated from 10/24/2010-11/05/2010 weird... so i never got paid for working july and august of 2010.

    i claimed Fed-1/0 on my taxes and only $6.00 was taken out for federal tax on a $515.00 gross. i mentioned this small amount to my employer and was given the phone number to their accountant and told to talk to them. is that part of my job? to do theirs?

    my next check came on 11/20/2010 dated for pay period of 11/6/2010-11/20/2010 this time $26.00 fed on a 665.00 gross was withheld. how can this be?

    but wait it gets weirder,

    next check arrives on 12/05/2010 dated for pay period of 9/02/2010-9/15/2010 how can this be?

    all the rest of the checks are all dated 3 months prior to pay date. on 1/20/2011 pay date, this check is dated for pay period of 10/15/2010-10/28/2010 and the next check i receive on 2/05/2011 is dated for pay period of 10/31/2010-11/13/2010 where did the 29th and 30th go? is this legal to change and delete days of the month?

    next check i receive is dated 2/20/2011 for pay period of 11/16/2010-11/29/2010 again where is the 14th and 15th?

    next check i receive is dated pay date of 3/5/2011 for pay period of 12/1/2011-12/14/2010 what happened to nov. 30th?

    a couple checks later same thing, pay date 4/5/2011 for pay period 12/29/2010-1/11/2011 and next check, dated pay date 4/20/2011 for pay period 1/13/2011-1/26/2011 can my employer pick and choose days of the month to just leave out?

    next check same thing, one day just totally gone

    next check 3 days just disappear

    now remember the very first 2 checks i received, they totally interfere and overlap the checks i received on 1/20/2011, 2/5/2011 and 2/20/2011

    i am still receiving checks that are 3 months from pay period.

    i confronted my employer about these issues a cpl weeks ago and was told he was at the accountants mercy whatever the hell that means.

    anyway nothing is being done about these issues and i am still only seeing MINIMAL fed tax withheld and it is ALWAYS a round number like $4.00 on a $491.00 gross check or $2.00 on a $470.00 gross check

    and yes i have lots of overtime hours that have not been paid. i am assuming since Tenn doesn't have a overtime law that the fed law is in effect here, which is anything over 40 hours in a set work week is time and a half. is that different if i get paid every two weeks?

    anyway i am frustrated and tired of being taken advantage of. i have not been paid for the first two months i have worked and my checks are still three months behind paydate.
    sorry about wall of text here but i need some advice and wanted to be specific about my situation.
    thank you for making it this far and any response is greatly appreciated

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    Duplicate thread - please see link below & reply there.
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