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Accident in company vichecile on company property. Tennessee

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  • Accident in company vichecile on company property. Tennessee

    I have a few questions on this topic. Here is the background, I live in Virginia and work in Virginia and Tennessee. My company is based out of Tennessee and the local office I work out of is in Tennessee. I live 2 hours from the office and I keep a company van at home, and use a company gas card for fuel. I have to be at the office at 7:45 am every morning and the job I do keeps me out to all hours at night and sometimes the next day in the early am but I am still expected to be at the office at 745 am no matter what time I get off the shift before. When I first started this job I was working from home going to the office one time every week to pick up equipment I did not have to make that 2 hour drive everyday.
    The other day it was raining and I had worked a long shift the day before actually a 15.5 hour day. I was tired the next morning making my 2 hour long drive to the office and had to stop a few times to get out of the vichecile to keep from falling asleep at the wheel. Well I made it there but I was ten minuites late. But as I parked the van I backed into my parking place and accidently bumped into the office building, my mirrors was not that visible because of rain that day. Well I was sent to take a drug test and my keys to my van was taken and I had to get some one to make that 2 hour trip to come pick me up I was suspended from work pending results of drug test. This all happened on a Wednesday, Friday afternoon at 3pm I got a call from my supervisor saying I was clear to go back to work and I had to be at the office the next day at 745 am and I had to find my own ride to the office again. My boss then said I need to prepare you for what might happen, he said "your probablly going to have to pay for the repairs to the office from your accident" keep in mind part of my job is driving and this happened on company property and in a company van.
    My questions are can they leglay make me pay for the damage. The days off from waiting on the drug test should I get paid for those days? Are they pushing the limits of working to many hours and driving because some mornings im so tired from the day before I really dont know how im alive right now. Should they have been responsibile for getting me from the office to my house and back to the office now that the drug test is clear?