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  • break times Tennessee

    I have read several of your posts about this but I am not clear on the rules for this exact situation. My husband works for a paper mill. It is a production company in which all positions have to be covered at all times. In some positions you get ample time to rest in between to eat and whatever in other positions you do not. They are also required sometimes to work anywhere from 12 to 16 hours. What would the break time rule be for this situation. Surely if they are there for 16 hours they are allowed to take more than 1 - 30 minute break.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Federal law does not require any breaks.

    Tennesse, according the the US Dept of Labor, only requires a 30 minute lunch period if the employee works more than six hours in a day.

    It would be reasonable to expect that the company provide two thirty minute breaks when the shift is over twelve hours, but that is not what the law requires.

    Your husband works in a paper mill. Most of those are unionized. If your husband's work place is union, and the issue is not covered by the current CBA, get the union to bring this to the negotiating table next time around.

    If there is no union in the workplace, the workers could try to bring one in that would bargain for breaks AND/OR you can lobby your legislators to change the laws.
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