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  • HR Issue Tennessee

    I was just called into a conference call meeting with my manager and our companies HR rep. Obviously the issue was my performance, which they felt was declining. In the course of the conversation the HR rep asked me if I'd ever considered that I have trouble staying on task because I could have Attention Deficit Disorder and that it was something to think about. I gave my notice today that I would no longer be working for the company. Was she legally able to say this to me? I was appalled.
    After much thought, I didn't turn in notice because of my performance plan but rather what she said. How could I try to work in an environment like that? I am heartbroken.

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    It was terribly dumb and insensitive, but it was not illegal to say it to you. What it could have turned out to be, though, is a possible ADA situation, as it might be construed to imply that the employer considered you might have an ADA-qualifying condition. Not saying that's a sure thing, and it's actually probably a huge stretch.

    You appeared to have solved it, though, by resigning. Or, you could have just let it roll off your back and solved whatever problems you may have been experiencing that was causing your performance to decline.....did YOU think it was declining?
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