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minimum server wage TN

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  • minimum server wage TN

    I need to know the minimum wages in TN as well as if there are compension laws regarding 1/2 before and after closing cleanup pay for tipp wage employees. My employer has no laws posted anywhere and I remember seeing something posted at a former job listing that the employees are to be paid a difference in pay to do like cleanup or closedown after the establishment is closed.

    Also, non salaried managers are to be paid hourly for attending classes and lectures that are required for a permit... i.e. I was told I had to attend a 5 hour Beer Permit class so the Bar could keep their license.. nothing to do with the ABC or serving permit and then I was not paid for my attendance.

    Can someone help me????

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    Tennessee has no wage laws concerning overtime, minimum wage, or the regulation of salaried employees. The United States Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division enforces the Fair Labor Standards Act regulating minimum wage, overtime and salaried employees. Further information concerning these matters may be found at the WH division of the Department of Labor web site. (taken from TNDL website)

    Does Tennessee require labor laws to be posted?


    See for more info:

    tipp employees are to be paid 2.13 sry, that's all I learned!


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      You must be paid at least the full minimum wage of $5.15 per hour for any time you are not working in a position that generally receives tips, such as hostessing, restocking tables, etc. Plus, mandatory training hours are compensable at at least the full minimum wage.

      Contact the TN Dept. of Labor to pursue your claims.
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