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Wrongful Termination

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  • Wrongful Termination

    I was out of work because of a staff infection I had contracted at my employment called MRSA. I was told that I could not return to work until I test negative. Because of that I applied for Workers Comp. and was recieving treatment from a doctor. I missed a Doctors appointment and had to reschedule. At that appointment, I would have became aware of my ability to return to work.
    My next appointment happened to be the day before my Workers Comp.Hearing, which I had to go to because my employer was denying my claim. My employer became aware that I had tested negative because of me filing for Workmans Comp., and had sent me a letter to inform me that I had tested negative and to report to work for a termination hearing, which they happened to schedule the same day as my doctors appointment.
    They fired me and said that they had no problem getting my test results. I wasn't aware that I could call and get my results over the phone, I'm aware of Hippa Laws and was waiting for my next appointment.
    My complaint is that when they found out from my coworkers why I was sick, they called me on the phone and said I couldn't return to work until I test negative. Then they found out before me that I tested negative, so they send me a letter infroming me that I'm to appear for a hearing of termination for time abuse.
    My doctors notes weren't sufficient enough because they only said I had MRSA.
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