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    Can my employer make me leave early when I am scheduled for a certain number of hours? I am a part time employee. Twice now I was made to leave early because work was "slow", once when scheduled for an 8 hour shift (I was made to leave after 5 1/2 hours) and once when scheduled for a 4 hour shift. (I was made to leave after 3 hours). They say my hours are not "guaranteed" but I was hired as a part time employee, not as a per diem employee, and was never told my hours were not guaranteed.

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    This is legal (and common) under federal law. It would be legal for a so called full time employee.

    Your state is not my state, so I will let someone else address RI laws (if any) on this.
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      R I -

      Wages for Failure to Furnish Shift Work

      An employer in any industry who requests or permits any employee to report for duty at the beginning of a work shift and three (3) hours

      work are not furnished on that shift, the employer must pay the employee for three (3) hours work at the employee’s regular rate of pay.

      In the event that an employee reports for work at the beginning of a work shift and the employer offers no work to perform the employer

      must still pay the employee for three (3) hours at the employee’s regular rate of pay.

      An employer must schedule at least three (3) hours of work; however, if an employee voluntarily reports late or voluntarily leaves before

      completing three (3) hours of work, the employer may pay the employee for actual hours of work, provided time records indicate the

      reason for not working a minimum of three (3) hours. (General Law 28-12-3.2)
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