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Can an employer change my hours? Rhode Island

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  • Can an employer change my hours? Rhode Island

    I was hired for 40 hours per week almost one year ago. Two weeks ago i was called in on my day off and given two warnings (One of which I am contesting), however the next week I was given only 24 hours in my schedule. My supervisor has called me in to the office twice before (under two different managers) in the past 9 months or so, on frivolous charges which did not go on my permanent record. The two warnings that did go on my record were given to me the day before she left for a new job. Does the law have anything to say about it?

    Thank you!

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    No, I'm sorry but there is no law against your employer reducing your hours unless you have a binding contract to the contrary.
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      Are the records I signed when i was hired considered binding contracts? (not that there were any statements of hours worked) These were records covering the receipt of funds in my drawer, agreements not to use drugs, permissions for background checks, etc.


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        Probably not; just a communication of the work rules.
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