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Nail polish, capris, kilts ...why?

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  • Nail polish, capris, kilts ...why?

    I am about to send an email to my HR head ... if i have stated my concearns to the head of my HR department and notified them that they have made my employment uncomfortable ... is there anything i can do other than let them tell me that PA is an at-will employment state???????????

    I just want to make sure ...

    When you said that if I press the "Why?" question(pertaining
    to myself asking for a reason as to why the policy does not allow kilts/capris
    for males), I would likely be "termed" .. what does that("termed") mean

    I do not plan to take up company time with this question,
    therefore I have typed it before starting work, on break, and after work, and
    sent it while on break, and would like if you sent me your response at a time in
    which it does not take you from your work, since you did say that I is a silly
    and unworthy subject.

    I also do feel that, when you say that my concearns are
    silly that it is degrading, Along with the way in which you stated "... we have
    customers in here and you are wearing green nail polish and a wig", it was said
    in a very non-professional way. I also feel that by telling myself that the wig
    is acceptable and then making a rude comment is not necessary. I feel that I
    should not be told about green being unacceptable, even for a female, while
    other females I have talked to have not reveiced any notice of this. I do feel
    that I should not be given conflicting information from each other person on the

    I also do not appreciate the reference you made to this not
    being a head shop. There are other major corporations, other than the Signal and
    Aetna that allow multiple piercings and tattoos, at the hiring stage and while
    hired. One such corporation being GSK. And it is also hard to believe that my
    supervisor can suggest to me to not color my hair burgandy while many other
    people in this very building have that same hair color, yet I am not allowed to
    color my hair that color, so instead I have gone with blue and must wear a wig.

    I fell that I origionally just wanted to know the answer to
    a question, but since each time I asked, with my Assitant Sup and Sup, and
    Howard, I was either thought of as silly, just "trying to push buttons", or the
    person/people didn't know how to direct my concearns.

    I think that the reason that this has turned to the point at
    which I am asked not to ask "why?" anymore is because at no level have I been
    taken seriously. As I tried to state to you and others in emails and while
    meeting with you, this is an issue of fairness to both men and women as
    professional "people", if you would have spoken to both Dwight and Alicia after
    my first meeting you would have been able to understand this.

    I have done nothing but present questions that I have, and
    have only been given a hard time, been degraded, and been advised to quite my

    I also feel that you are not looking at this objectively
    when you state reasons such as, "you are the only person who has a problem with
    this". That is not a vaild point. I am also the only person, that I know that
    feels that we should be recycling plastic alongside cans. All of the vending
    machines, that have drinks, dispense plastics, not cans. Does this mean that
    caring about the well being of my fellow human beings and our planet is also a
    silly issue?

    I feel it is imperitive to remind you still that I have/will
    continue to follow the dress code and I have spoken to my co-workers and have
    asked them to not address me with any issues along these lines any longer. I
    have also stayed on pace and/or above with all work expected of myself.

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    Termed means terminated (fired). If I were you, I wouldn't send it.

    Employers are allowed to set a dress code for their employees. If you don't like the dress code at your current place of employment, your option is to seek employment elsewhere.
    I am not able to respond to private messages. Thanks!


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      And, OP, you're blowing this thing WAY out of proportion.
      I don't respond to Private Messages unless the moderator specifically refers you to me for that purpose. Thank you.