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  • 2 Weeks Notice

    I recently submitted a letter of resignation to my employer. During this process they asked me if I was going to continue for the 2 weeks. I said I would if they wanted me to, but wasn't under the impression that would be the case. They told me I could leave after transitioning accounts and clearing out my desk (this only took an hour or so). I read on another posting that PA Law does not require them to pay me for those notice weeks if I did not work them. Is that true?

    Even if that is the case the employee handbook states they will pay out 2 weeks notice. My paycheck has come and they did not. Are they obligated to by law since it is committed in the handbook? Another employee I used to work with said they were talking about changing the policy, but no paper ammendment was issued prior to my departure.

    Thank you.

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    Yes, it is true that NO state requires you be paid out any notice period if the employer decides to accept your resignation immediately.

    Employee handbooks very seldom rise to the level of a bona fide contract, and it would be rare if yours were so tightly written as to do so.
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