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Must Pay back vacation used!?!?

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  • Must Pay back vacation used!?!?

    I work and live in PA. and I was wondering about something.

    I recently left my job, unfortunately I was unable to give a full 2 weeks notice. During my exit interview I was informed that I would have to pay back all of the vacation time that I had taken up to that point. This was time that was already accrued. I just want to know if that is legal and/or if there was any way to fight that. I realized that I would forfeit the vacation that was unused, however I don't think it is fair to pay back time that was already earned and used. They are going to be taking it from my final paychecks and it amounts to about a weeks pay.

    Thank you

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    In other words, your employer is about to deduct wages from your final paycheck without any authorization from you to do so. I don't see this as lawful at all. I suggest that you tell your employer (nicely) that it's your understanding what they are proposing violates wage and hour laws and if they follow through with their plan you'll have no recourse but to contact PA's Department of Labor and file a complaint.

    And if they still make the deduction, by all means contact your State's DOL.


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      Could you possibly refer me to information that shows my rights with regard to this? I'm having a hard time finding reference to this on PA DOL site.

      I believed that PA was an at will state and that not giving 2 weeks notice was not punishable. I don't think I should have to pay back time already taken and approved, simply because I was unable to give 2 weeks notice.

      Thank you for replying so quickly.