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Help! Salaried Employee being paid Hourly Pennsylvania

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  • Help! Salaried Employee being paid Hourly Pennsylvania

    Hi there. My employer made me a salaried employee about 3 months ago. I just happened to look at my pay stub online as I have direct deposit and I get paid the same amount every two weeks. I took notice that my first few checks shows salary pay at $xxxxx and now the last few say I'm an hourly employee and my salary amount is broken down into hourly and shows hours worked-80. I asked the owners why that is, and they said its for legality issues on their end and that if its a problem to let them know but to just keep it between us. Seemed a little fishy to me. I usually work about 45-50 hours a week and I don't clock in or out still because I'm supposed to be salary. Is this legal? Should I technically be entitled to the over time pay since I'm being paid hourly.

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    Whether you get paid OT depends on whether you are exempt or non-exempt. What is your job title, what are you duties in detail & what type of employer do you work for (not actual name of employer though)?

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      Also please note that some payroll softwares automatically show a standard 40 (or 80) hours on the stub unless someone manually enters something else in.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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        If you take an hour off, are they deducting your pay by one hour? Using an hour of sick or annual leave is allowed but are they actually docking pay? Agree that most payroll systems default to 80 hours/40 hours per week. It means nothing other than no one has disabled that feature on the prefab paystubs.
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          I am a Director of Human Resources and exempt. My pay is reported on my paystub by the hour although I get paid on a salary basis (80 hours biweekly). My City Manager who is the highest position here (and exempt) also has his pay reported by the hour (80 hours biweekly). Its a function of how the payroll system shows the hours.

          Salaried itself does not mean exempt from overtime. Are you paid overtime? What type of duties do you perform? That would help establish if you are being paid correctly.
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            I don't know if any other state requires it, but MA requires number of hours worked to be reported for all employees and for exempt it defaults to 80 hours.