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Service tech not covered under employers liability insurance: Pennsylvania

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  • Service tech not covered under employers liability insurance: Pennsylvania

    I'm a service technician for a small company. My job is to repair pumps, plumbing and filtration systems on site. I do not have the right to refuse any job no matter the condition of the equipment, and no matter how cautious I am, sometimes this corroded junk breaks. Most customers understand that the equipment is in bad shape and I do point it out to them and explain what might happen before starting the job. However some customers don't understand. My employer does have liability insurance, however I'm responsible for damages. I've contacted insurance companies to inquire about buying some kind of liability insurance for myself, but there is no such thing in PA. The insurance agent also informed me that it is illegal for my employer not to cover me, or require me to pay being these jobs are assigned to me and refusal will result in termination. Is this Legal? I am a employee and not a sub contractor and this has cost me dearly.

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    Originally posted by Boone58 View Post
    ...and this has cost me dearly.
    If we are talking federal law only (FLSA), you must be paid minimum wage, and overtime. Deductions for claimed damages are not inherently illegal under federal law.

    State law can be more favorable to the employee then federal law. Your state is not my state, and I have no idea what laws (if any_ PA has in this area. Perhaps another responder can address this.
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      The customers understand, and they are taking advantage of you, and so is your boss.

      Good luck finding another job where the boss makes the customer install new equipment.


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        Thank you very much for your replies. The FLSA pdf was very informative also. It looks like my best option is to seek employment elsewhere.