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Injured then terminated in Pennsylvania

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  • Injured then terminated in Pennsylvania

    Here is my story,
    In July 2010 I was working for a excavation company from Pennsylvania for going on 3 months and was doing work in West Virginia (I reside in PA).On the 15th of July around 2 PM I slipped on a chunk of hard clay and slid twisting my ankle into a 1' 6" ditch and then falling on top of my ankle.It hurt some immediately and I shook it off and lightly walked to the company vehicle because the crew was heading to a late lunch.Well before we left the restaurant I informed the boss of the crew that I didn't think I was able to go back to work the rest of the day because I couldn't walk on it by this time,and was taken back to the motel we were staying in.I didn't go to a hospital because I knew it was just sprained pretty good (Bad decision I know now).
    Ok Thursday morning comes and I still couldn't walk on it I told him that I wasn't able to work today.We only was working 4 days that week and this happening on Wed. around 2PM I figured resting it over the weekend it would be better come Mon. morning.I was informed to stay at the job trailer and out of view of the Supervisor that we was contracting for (which I did) and did what I could organizing the trailer.

    Here is where I have my real problem.
    At 11:30 AM 16th July 2010 we were getting ready to call it a week and leave for home.The boss of the crew informs me "If this sh** is going to happen,then we don't need your a**" Well I probably don't have to tell how surprised I was at that comment( I had no write-ups or missed days except once cause of having to see my P.O. once a month;scheduled on a Friday).Well we left for home and on the way (1hr:30 min trip) he informed me I could come back Mon. 19th if my ankle was better and if not the next week.

    Ok so on Sunday the 20th around 10PM (a hour after I called him and leaving a message about me being ok to go back) he calls me back informing me that they don't need me and the owner of the company will be in touch with me when I am needed again.So Monday I called the owner and asked him about my status and he said that he didn't know anything of the situation and would find out what was going on after I explained everything above.I didn't hear anything Tuesday so I stopped into the office on Wed.He told me he still hadn't been able to get hold of them to find out so I left.Thursday I called and same thing then Friday the same thing.It is now Aug. 15th and he will not even talk to me and I haven't been to work since and having a hard time finding work just because it scarce where I live.Since then I found out that this company has done this type of thing to a good many other people in one way or another.

    What I'm asking is...isn't this illegal and what can I do?
    Can some sort of charges be filed upon them and the company (Not looking for money,just would like to teach them a lesson and to keep it happening to anyone else in the future).I also don't want to work for this company again,all I want to know is my rights and what I could do.

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    File for unemployment from the last day you worked.

    Doesnt appear to be illegal.