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My appeal chances? Pennsylvania

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  • My appeal chances? Pennsylvania

    I recently had an pennsylvania appeal hearing on my denial from unemployment by my employer. I arrived well before my scheduled hearing time, and read over all information on case. My employer never showed up for the hearing and made no attempts to respond to my appeal. I remained calm throughout my hearing and answered the questions honestly and to best of my knowledge and stated I had discrepancies with some of the papers that the referee had me view but, otherwise everything was good.

    I read that I should have asked for a dismissal on the hearing because the employer did not show up.

    The reasons for my dismissal from employment were due to a call off violation. If you call off more than 4 times in a 6 month period you are disciplined, and I was already on a disclinpary act from february 2009 due to illness, which means if you call off more than 4 times the employer takes it to next level of disclipline.
    I hit 6 calloffs in january of 2010 and was fired. The reason for the calloffs was taking care of my dad who was having heart problems. I stated this to my employer at the time and they refused to work with me to make arrangements to take care of him, and laughed at me when I wanted to take a family work leave.

    By the employer not showing up to challenge my appeal, does this tilt the uc referee's decision to my favor?

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    Maybe, maybe not. I've had employees turned down for unemployment who were fired for attendance reasons when I didn't even contest.
    The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.


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      If you dont win find a short term job and you can draw. I had a friend who just did it. Call and ask your local office.

      Requalifying for UC Benefits After Ineligibility
      If you are ineligible for benefits because you quit your job without a compelling and necessitous reason, were discharged for misconduct, or are ineligible due to self-employment, you may still be able to qualify for benefits at a later date. To requalify, you must work and earn at least six times your weekly benefit rate. After you earned that amount, you may be qualified to receive benefits if you are totally or partially unemployed and meet all eligibility requirements. Earnings from self-employment cannot be used to requalify for benefits.