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Relocation expenses denied after offered in PA

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  • Relocation expenses denied after offered in PA

    <i>First off...I don't want to appear ungrateful, but I rather have this question answered by someone with PA or OH expertise"</i>

    I am an exempt engineer, working for a company based in OH, but being subcontracted to a PA company. This company sub-contracts engineers to other companies.

    A group of us was hired from Puerto Rico to work in PA for a few months, with paid utilities, transportation and lodging for up to one year.

    After the year passed, we received offers to stay in PA for an indefinite term and a relocation reimbursement of $2,500 was offered to move from Puerto Rico to PA. Some time after that, we got new job offers with increases meant to compensate for the loss of T&L expenses. The other fellows preferred to return, but I made a salary counter offer. Their second offer was closer to my counter, so I accepted.

    After relocating I requested the $2,500 moving expense, but was denied because the employer claimed they meant the relocation offer to be contingent on the initial (but separate) offer.

    There was no linkage, either expressed or implied, between the relocation reimbursement and either job offer. I also have stated in wrting that I do not renounce to the promised reimbursement, and reserve the right to pursue this payment later.

    My question is:

    Is this a claim that can be pursued by the Labor department?
    If so where?
    In PA where I work, or in OH where the company is based and from where I am paid?

    For obvious reasons I intend to claim this after I leave this employer.

    Can I do that, and for how long after I leave do I have to do so?

    $2,500 is a big chunk of change for me and I feel I was jipped, just because they could.

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    I'd give you an answer but since you dont want a reponse from anyone who is not in Ohio or PA, I guess you arent interested.
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      LOL...Well, that didn't stop you to waste bandwidht. BTW.. residency in PA or OH was not a requirement, only expertise on those locations. For example; Could be a NY resident that has experienced this issue in PA or in OH.

      I guess that politely asking for some sort of relevant experience only serves to offend who don't. I am not sorry for that, it is beyond my control.

      The point is not to be exclusive, rather to get good information. In some post I read, the individual that elaborates an answer (in good faith no doubt)states that his doesn't know about PA since he/she is from say Alaska.

      Well...that is rather a waste of time if the laws are different, and leaves the issue unresolved. Worse, someone else may fail to offer relevant advice when they see an answer posted already.

      I found some of the threads interesting and informative, a few rather useless. I guess I was trying to hedge my odds on the informative side.


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        This is as close to PA as you're going to get. This is a contract issue (as in, was there a contractual obligation for the employer to provide you with the relocation under the circumstances) for which you will have to get the advice of an attorney versed in employment and contract law. Is there anything in writing?
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          That seems reasonble. Thank you.


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            FYI, what was offensive in your original post was the suggestion that the regular responders here, who put a great deal of unpaid time into trying to help those who post here, would respond to any thread if they did not have some knowledge of what they were saying.
            The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.