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unempolyment combined wage claim Pennsylvania

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  • thepear
    started a topic unempolyment combined wage claim Pennsylvania

    unempolyment combined wage claim Pennsylvania

    Hello, I have an issue with my unemployment claim...
    First -I live in Pennsylvaina and I opened a combined wage claim in Massachusetts on Jan. 2, 2009 (because I qualifyed too). The wages that were used for that claim were called an alternate wage determination - which means that the most current quarter was used to determine my claim (which was the 4th qtr of 2008)...In September of 2009 my claim weeks expired. I called to apply for the first extension of unemployment. They said that in order for me to be elegible for the extension, I must prove that I do not have qualifying wages in any state to open a new claim.. I am a Union Electrician and I did work a little, but I did not make enough money to qualify for benefits in any other state. I called Mass. and told them, and they put me on the first extension..Now it gets tricky, On Jan.2 2010, my claim year ended, however I was already on the extension. In Mass. you can see how much money you have avalible in the unemployment account. On Jan. 2, 2010 - my account had enough money in it for 4 more weeks on the first extension..
    I was told by Mass. that my claim has expired, but I may be elegible for extended benefits. I contacted them and they said I once again had to prove that I cannot open a claim in another state. The problem I have now is that I do qualify for a new claim in another state, but I qualify for about 75% less than I was recieving on my origional and extended claim that I had opened in Jan. 2009...The way I see it is that I worked just enough to qualify for 75% less than what I usually qualify for. If I have to take a 75% cut on my unemployment, then I surely will have to file for bankruptsy. Can someone tell me if I have any options that I may not know about - relating to my unemployment issue??

  • thepear
    un em

    Let me try to simplify that...
    January 2, 2009 -- opened new claim in Ma.

    September 2009 -- I ran out of checks (or weeks). I called to apply for the first extension.

    Ma. told me that because I worked that I must try to open a claim elsewhere. They said if I was not eligible elsewhere, then I can apply for the extension.

    I was found to be not eligible to receive unemployment elsewhere because I did not make enough money.
    I was then put on the first extension of unemployment in Ma. in September.

    On January 2, 2010 -- I was informed that my benifits have expired and that I may be eligible for the extension...BUT I was already on the first extension since September, and I have (or had) 4 weeks left on the extension.

    I called Ma. and they told me that I am eligible for unemployment elsewhere, and I HAVE to go elsewhere to do so. (basicly)

    Why do I HAVE to go elsewhere when I already was on an extended benifits, and had 4 weeks left on the extended benifits?
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