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  • Appeal - Opinions Please Pennsylvania

    I've decided to condense my original post to make it easier to read and reduce redundancy. Straight to the point, I was working for a staffing company in a position for one of their clients. I was paid hourly, as are most staffing and temp positions in the U.S. The client contacted the staffing company to end my services, and I was then contacted by the temp company.

    Straight: I was almost consistently late, and had a lot of things come up over the course of the year. I don't believe I was acting in a manner that represented willful misconduct, however, given certain circumstances.

    1. Job Expectation

    I was under the expectation as discussed in the initial interview and orientation that I would only have 1 week on call 24/7 under only 1 type of system. This did not occur and I was on call for multiple systems without breaks in between. Due to the nature of being on call 24/7, where calls arrive during the evening, late at night, weekends, etc, I was often sleep deprived and had an hour to an hour and a half commute.

    Being on call, the initial agreement was the company would pay a portion of my cell phone bill as I was not able to get a company issued cell phone. This only occurred for 9 of 26 months.

    2. Lack of Suitable Work

    When assigned work, I completed it quickly and correctly, or as correct as it could get. Feedback was positive. As time rolled on, fewer and fewer projects were created. This lead to me being in an entirely support role, not the development role I was initially hired for.

    I made many attempts and put effort into scoping projects that could benefit the company. These were denied. The majority of projects I proposed were aimed at fixing an issue that I would receive calls on repeatedly. This reason is also why the person who was previously in my position left.

    Based on that, I would like to get an opinion or two from more knowledgeable people. I understand the state decides and it doesn't hurt to appeal, but does this seem like something I should appeal on, or do you think it'd be more of a waste of time?
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    Are you saying you are the one who terminated your employment due to frustration/dissatisfaction? You generally don't get UI benefits when you quit your job. -- Or were you terminated by your employer due to often being late & your absences? I believe the latter.

    It never hurts to file an appeal. We don't know if you will be approved for benefits or not since the "state" makes the decision.
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