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How To handle this??? Pennsylvania

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  • How To handle this??? Pennsylvania

    I am a most honest reliable employee. I was on un employment since September 09...In all honestly I was making more on UE than the job i took. This position began on Nov 9 and ended on 12/17. Essentially, I was in a position where my manager did not train me...I was sent to all remote locations and the associates and mgr in THOSE locations were receptive to me. Upon coming to my home office, I sensed a thickness in the air...At no time did my manger even attempt to train me..She had a very rude personality...Well on THe 14 15 and 16 she spoke with HR..I about me, I NEVER had the chance to talk to hr due to the fact she was always with me...She proceeded to write a TOTALLY false evaluation on me. Basically really crucifying me on everything. The mental stress with her was un believable...On the 17th I prepared a letter of resignation stating I felt it was just not a good fit....SHE said the company would fight this...At the moment I have neither a job nor un employment...I am not a person who causes trouble and I know in my heart I am telling the truth..

    My question is where to go from here, is it un likely that I will get the UE??? How can I prove all of this...I tried to approach a peacefull resolution prior to this happeneng and even this would not work with her...ITs a very sad situation and input thoughts advise are SOO much appreciated.

    Thank you so much & happy holidays.

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    As you voluntarily left a job after just 8 days and without even trying to resolve it internally, I would not be terribly hopeful. It never hurts to file as I've seen some unusual things happen in UI.
    I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.


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      MY post

      It was more than 8 days NOV 9 to Dec 17


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        The rule of thumb, if you want UI, is don't quit; let them fire you.

        The only way a Unemployment might award UI to someone who quits is in rare cases where they might have quit based on being mistreated or harassed based on some protected class status,a nd the employer didn't stop it even after it was reported. It's something very hard to prove, and it doesn't sound like what happened with you.

        Having a supervisor who is nasty won't qualify as a constructive discharge.


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          How To Handle This

          She has statements on the evaluation, I wrote counter statements and I have them in my position...In my heart I know my work ethic and HONESTY. ITs tough when someone gets caught up in lies. I did absolutely nothing and when I went to other locations things were fine...I just sensed something about her...I guess from what you are saying let things run their course and appeal this...Its real sad. My claim would not be paid by this company. I dont know if I could get any type of representation or who could go to the hearing with me if we go that far...I have quite a few people who could attest for how I work and what type of person I truely am.


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            Ok, so you were there a month. That doesn't change anything really.

            UI is designed for cases where an employee loses their job through no fault of their own, not ones where they decide they would be better off someplace else or that their workplace is unpleasant. That goes double if you did not do anything to try and fix it first. You aren't guaranteed a job you love or a workplace that is enjoyable with a boss who is supportive. If the lack of those things was enough to qualify a person for UI, there would be very few in the workforce.

            As your character doesn't play a role here, witnesses who think you are the greatest aren't going to help a bit. You resigned. How honest you are or what your work ethic happens to be simply don't figure into the equation.
            I post with the full knowledge and support of my employer, though the opinions rendered are my own and not necessarily representative of their position. In other words, I'm a free agent.