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Appealed EUC because of incorrect commission reporting Pennsylvania

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  • Appealed EUC because of incorrect commission reporting Pennsylvania

    I recently exhausted my unemployment benefits and recvd a notice that I am ineligible for EUC. The reason given is based on the fact that my base year wages of my regular UC claim must be equal or exceed 1 1/2 times the wages in hte highest quarter of my base year. Here are the amounts of each quarter of my base year. 4-07 / $20,258
    1-08 / $3,089.
    2-08/ 0
    3-08 /$5,800.

    The problem is this: my previous employer overpaid me by $5,500. (which was during the 4th quarter of 07) They then had me pay back the commission. By debiting it from my earned commission each month, over the course of 6 months beginning Feb. 08.
    I have filed an appeal and I have documentation to provide proof of what has happened. Does anyone have any advice or can anyone tell me if they believe that I will now qualify for EUC. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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    Duplicate post - do not reply to. Posted again today under WC forum.
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