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Firing and UC Issue - Pennsylvania

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  • Firing and UC Issue - Pennsylvania

    I had a question that maybe somebody would be able to help me with.
    My girl friend was let go from her work in an awkward way and I am trying to figure out her rights in this situation.

    She had worked "part time" but full time hours. It was right after Christmas and the hours of all employees were being cut. She was then placed on "On Call" on her schedule. She continued to call each week and was told for 3 weeks that she was "On Call". She was never able to get a response after that from any of her managers or coworkers. I then helped her file for unemployment because it was looking less and less likely they were going to bring her back.

    Once her claim was filed they denied her saying she did not make enough money during the past 4 quarters. But this was false information from her employer. We were able to appeal and prove the correct amount of income with her pay stubs. Once this was done she received her claims for the full 26 weeks. Once her UC fund was complete she received a letter from the UC service center stating that she "Quit her job" and was now required to pay back every UC claim.

    She had saved numerous emails between her and her manager about how upset she was and how could they do this to her.
    • How can they claim she "Quit her job"?
    • What steps should we take to clear this up?
    • Is there any legal action we can take against her employer for these false allegations?

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    Take the paperwork into the UC and stand back. They will take care of it.

    Put your energy into finding another job.


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      And post your question only ONCE.
      The above answer, whatever it is, assumes that no legally binding and enforceable contract or CBA says otherwise. If it does, then the terms of the contract or CBA apply.