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PA-Repayment of Sign-on-Bonus Pennsylvania

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  • PA-Repayment of Sign-on-Bonus Pennsylvania

    I have given my two weeks notice with my curreent employer and was asked to repay my eign on bonus that I recieved teh year prior. Not a problem, I accepted it and it is due back to them.

    The issue I am having is, the bonus was issued through my payroll and taxes were deducted from the check. (i.e., $5000 bonus - 30% tax = $3500). Now I was instructed to issue teh check back to the company direct for the full amount as they do not wish to run this through the payroll comapny. As far as I can see, I am entitled to some tax credits on my personal taxes and if I issue a personal check for teh full amount I will have no way to provide the salary was retrned.

    Is this correct or shoud I be disputing this process?

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    If the payment was originally made in 2008, this is the correct handling. You should get a W-2C for 2008 (if I remember correctly, I don't have my resource with me).
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