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Maximum Hours per day?

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  • Maximum Hours per day?

    First of all, I'd like to thank everyone whose provided answers, as I have viewed some of the topics and most of my questions were answered without having to ask.

    Onto my question:

    I work in a(n) 'nursing home', and as a manager, we are required to fill in the next position if there is a call-off. This is no where in my job description, nor in any of my companies policies. Every Saturday and Sunday, I work 16 hours straight. Now if there is a call off for the midnight shift (I work from 7am - 11pm) I never oblige to stay, due to the fact that someone mentioned we are not allowed to work more than 16 hours without 8 hours off. I've also never seen this anywhere in the companies policies.

    I'm not sure if there are laws pertaining to work in nursing homes or not.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I think there was a law passed in PA just a couple of weeks ago regarding RN's not being forced to work more than 8 hours per shift, but a cursory google search doesn't bring up anything.

    Are you an RN? Have you contacted your state licensing board? Any restrictions on consecutive hours worked, would either come from them or, if the new law, they would know about it and to whom it applied.
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      Patty, here's an article from 7-09 re no mandatory overtime for nurses Pa.
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