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Question regarding late paychecks Pennsylvania

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  • Question regarding late paychecks Pennsylvania

    I have been working for this particular company for almost 2 months now. I work as a caricature artist for an amusement park vendor at a park in Lancaster. Get paid biweekly on Tuesdays. The park I work at is a smaller park owned by (deleted), however the vendor I work for is not. Our paychecks arrive at (my location) in one large group and the woman above my manager is responsible for getting them to us. Let's call her E.

    On the first pay period I worked, I didn't get paid. Paperwork wasn't cleared, not a huge deal. Second pay period rolls around, The paychecks aren't there. E calls my manager later and tells her she'll arrive on Saturday with the paychecks. Pay period after that lands on the 1st of July. My rent is due by the 3rd. E again calls to say she won't be in on Tuesday with the checks. She'd be there on Thursday at noon. I was off, but needed to pay rent, so I headed in to work to pick up my check. Surprise, surprise, E is not there when I arrive at 1. I waited around for about an hour and a half, then gave up and went home. E arrived at 4 pm. I worked close the next day (off at nine) so my check went in the bank at around 10 that night. Didn't clear till after the weekend and the check I sent my landlord just cleared yesterday, making my rent payment late.

    Now, I am relying on this next check arriving on time, since I need the money for a weekend trip with friends, but I have no idea if I'll have the money.

    Can she do this? Decide randomly that she doesn't want to come to Lancaster from (deleted) to pay us on time? Is there anything I can do besides harp on this woman to just mail the blasted things?
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    If the employer offers direct deposit, I suggest you enroll. Solves the problem for the future.

    PA law requires that employees (I'm assuming you are an employee, not an independent contractor) be paid on "regularly scheduled pay days" which must be no later than 15 days following the end of the pay period.

    Maybe the best thing to do at this point is to ask "at what time of the day on pay day can I pick up my check?" and she what the response is. Then post back if you need to.
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      Agreed with the above, especially the direct deposit. However at some point the employer is either deliberately playing games with the checks or is incompetent to the point where there is no functionally difference. A wage claim for unpaid wages can be filed with the state DOL. And if this is the type of problem that fails to resolve it solve at some point a new employer is indicated.
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        Unfortunately, direct deposit is only available for full time employees. That was my first question when applying. Also going to find out what the deal is for this week today.

        Failing that, I have been applying to other places. I hope someone can take me.


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          I'd also suggest deleting the location as anyone familiar with the area can figure out exactly where you work and hence who you are.
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            Only took me about 4 seconds to figure it out.
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