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deductions from pay Pennsylvania

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  • deductions from pay Pennsylvania

    I work for a reputable company making piece rate at 32 cents per piece, this company now wants to deduct, 1.00 per mistake, is this legal. Can anyone give me some adivise? At this present time, we are making below min wage.

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    The requirement is that you must make at least minimum wage for each hour of work performed. Generally it is ok to average your time across the workweek to determine if there is a violation of the minimum wage rate.

    I assume by deduction, you actually mean wage reduction. Again this would be fine if at the end of the week, you were still making at least minimum wage.

    A quick way to check if your company is in compliance is to take gross pay and divide by hours worked. If the result is greater than minimum wage, then I'd assume that the pay arrangement is legal.

    In Pennsylvania, the minimum wage rate will change twice this year. On 1/1/07 it increased from $5.15 to $6.25 per hour. It will increase again on 7/1/07 to $7.15 per hour.

    If your pay is truly below minimum wage, you may make an unpaid wage claim with PA Labor & Industry. The instructions are inclued in the above link.