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deductions from pay Pennsylvania

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  • deductions from pay Pennsylvania

    Hello, I have a question, our employer as told us they will deduct 1.00 from our pay per error. I am an at home worker for a very reputable company in PA, and make piece rate. And they did say if we make an error, they will deduct from our pay 1.00 for each error, NOW Inhouse claims processors, do not have money taken from their pay, they will receive a "warning" Is this Legal? Please anyone. THank you.

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    Generally, if you are paid, your pay cannot be docked with very limited exceptions. Making mistakes does not count.

    However, if you are working on a piece rate, it seems to me you could be paid only for the pieces that pass inspection, so long as your pay for the week meets or exceeds minimum wage.

    So, IMHO, "fining" you as an at home worker getting paid by the piece will not violate federal laws if you are making at least minimum wage.
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      This is a duplicate post.