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UE Appeal Sec 402b Pennsylvania

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  • UE Appeal Sec 402b Pennsylvania

    I was denied UE Benefits due to rules under 402b I have appealed and need some advice. I believe that I have a valid case. The three reasons that I vol. termitated my relationship with my employer are as follows:

    1. Morality Issues- On numerous occasions I have been aware of activities that go against all the morals instilled in me, and I refuse to be a part of any actions that violate my morals.

    2. numerous Unauthorized deductions from my pay check

    3. Hostile Work Environment. The employer has verbally and mentaly abused myself and many of the employee's I supervised. I have made every attempt to maintain my relationship with the my employer via personal conversations with the General Manager, and the President objecting to the treatment of employee's. I also have saved numerous emails stating my disagreement with the employment practices of the owner/President

    4. Loss of income- the president promised me I would make 40-50 thousand per yer and my earnings were not even close 28,000 was the highest. he has also cut our commissions 4 times the last time I took a hit of 40-60% in every catagory I am paid on.

    Issue#1 I was asked by the president to file false Federal mileage forms to justify my travel expense that he provided there were no policies concerning the keeping of any logs for travel.

    The company also was collecting items for a charitable organization and the president would come into the store and remove any items that were resaleable I confronted him about this and he said if they get something its better than nothing I have a bottom line to meet. I refused to allow this in my store. I was also aware of an incident where he filed false reports on his commission logs to the comapany resulting in him being paid an additonal $8000, again I confronted him and he said not to worry about this, he then had his sister fill out the fraudulent forms.

    I now know that reason #2 is not valid I have filed a claim with the labor board to recover the monies withheld without authorization.

    Issue #3 After reading many post I dont think that Issue number three will be valid either it seems that an employer is allowed to verbally and mentaly abuse employee's in the state of PA and there is not much we can do about it.

    I have several witnesses that are going to testify on my behalf I was looking for advice on how to put together my case against my former employer so I have the best chance at victory.

    This company has went thru over 100 employee's in the last 18 month most quitting due to the work enviroment being hostile, will this be admissable as evidence of the presidents character? I also have a recording of him saying if I dont like it I can find a new F-in Job would this be admissable?

    Thanks in advance.