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wrongful termination? Pennsylvania

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  • wrongful termination? Pennsylvania

    I was recnetly fired from my job, I was a manager for a major cell phone company, dealing with inside retail sales. I had been there 2 months, with the 1st full month exceeding sales goals (record month for this location), and expectations & this month on pace for goal. The DM called me in on my day off to "let me go". He said that it was nothing to do with my managment skills, sales, numbers or performance. He stated that i was being fired due to the fact that i do not have a vehicle. I was hired without having a vehicle, and he knew that ( he was the person who hired me). Not having a vehicle has never been an issue before, i have never been late for work, not having a vehicle has not affected any aspect of the job thus far. I have never been disciplined for any reason, no write ups etc. He actually praised the job that i had done so far.

    I found out later that day, that he had hired one of his and another store location's managers friend to manage the location i was at.

    I am curious to find out if this is wrongful termination, or just plain bad managment by the DM.

    Also would i be eligible for unemployment?
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    No, this is not a wrongful termination. Not even close. Though I do agree it may be unfair.

    I see no reason why you would not qualify for unemployment.
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