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Preg Harassment? Pennsylvania

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  • Preg Harassment? Pennsylvania

    A friend was told that she was unable to learn new parts of her job because it was 'her fault she got pregnant".
    Problem is, when she did her review last year, one of her goals was to learn this new job and if she does not reach her goal by the next review she will not be given a raise. Also, she needs to learn this new part of her job to become certified in her field to get an increase in pay. There is only a minute part of the job she cannot do because of her pregnancy and the supervisor is using her pregnancy against her to keep her from learning this new part of her job.

    Is there any basis for pregnancy harassment, illegal harassment or sexual discrimination here or is it more of a personal issue that needs worked on. This supervisor said this in front of others and has treated this employee badly in the past but nothing that was ever over the top like this seemed to be.
    Thxs in advance

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    If your friend is fully and physically capable of learning and performing the new parts of her job and the only reason the boss isn't allowing her to do so is because she's pregnant, that that is illegal discrimination. Given your comment "There is only a minute part of the job she cannot do because of her pregnancy" and not understanding what her job involves and what she is unable to do, it's not possible to say for certain whether prohibited discrimination is occuring however.