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vacation time Pennsylvania

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  • vacation time Pennsylvania

    i work at a daycare in pa. it specifically says in the handbook that after 6 months working full time you get 1 week paid vacation, and after 1 year full time you get 2 weeks paid vacation. i have worked there for 2 and a half years and also went to college. so here is my question...i have now worked an entire year straight full time- from may 2005 after school had finished up until now october 2006 and they are not giving me paid vacation because they classified me as a seasonal helper without my knowledge. usually when your status changes they have you sign a paper, which i did not do. i did not find out i was a seasonal helper until i did not get paid for a holiday and questioned it. does a job title like seasonal helper or substitute have anything to do with not being full time when you have worked a 40 hour week for the past year? also, when i officially started to be "full time" again in may they then had me sign a paper finally saying that i was permanant even though i had never signed one saying i was seasonal. bottom line is aren't you full time if you are working a 40 hour week? i am just really confused.

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    What they "call you" is the employer's option. Although I agree it would have been better had they told you that you were not accruing time off, it was not illegal of them not to do so. Vacation is not a benefit that is regulated by any laws in Pennsylvania, at least to this extent.
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