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whst do you think? Pennsylvania

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  • whst do you think? Pennsylvania

    i put in my 2 week notice last week and today i was told to clean out my locker, to not talk to anyone and was escorted off the property after 2 years and zero misconduct, i put in my notice because i had a better offer, anyways i know that your resignation can be exepted early but what i find "funny" was that i just went to my human resource 2 days ago and complained that i was being mistreated by one of the upper level managers and 2 days later i am being escorted off the property and i still had schedualed shifts to complete the rest of this week. SHould i try and find out if the manager i complained about made the descision to exept my earlie resignation or am i just being petty?

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    It is a common practice to accept resignations immediately and escort the ex-employee off the premises, after being allowed, under the watchful eye of security, to remove personal items.

    Nothing wrong in what happened to you.
    Senior Professional in Human Resources and Certified Staffing Professional with over 30 years experience. Any advice provided is based upon experience and education, but does not constitute legal advice.


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      Different companies handle resignations differently. As ScottB eluded to, this is not necessarily an uncommon practice. There was nothing unlawful about the way you were treated with respect to your early dismissal. You are free to inquire with HR as to the reason; but they are under no obligation to provide you with it.