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Was my husband wrongfully terminated? Pennsylvania

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  • Was my husband wrongfully terminated? Pennsylvania

    My husband started working at the beginning of this month at our local convience store. Where he was the only male on staff. and the Manager told him numerous times that he should feel priveledged to work for this company.,Then last week she cut his hours down , making it so he worked 3 days last week, then this week when she made out the schedule she made sure he would work 3 days again this week, then when he went to go do his shift tonight which was 3-11pm, he was shown and told that he was removed from the schedule, and the reason he was given by other employees was "That he did not do his assigned duties".When he did all his assigned duties and the duties of other employees as well that left the store a mess before their shift ended, giving him double the work that he was assigned to do. Does he have a claim for a wrongful termination, due to the fact that the manager did not call and tell him not to report in, and does he also have a gender discrimination claim as well as the store has all females employeed and no males what so ever?. Any feedback would be appericated.

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    This does not come close to a wrongful termination. I agree it appears the action was unfair; but it was not unlawful. A wrongful termination occurs when you are discharged for a prohibited reason as defined under law. For example, if he was fired because of his race or religious beliefs; that would be unlawful. Also Pennsylvania is an "at will" state. This means that he could be terminated for any or no reason at all.