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Can salaried employees be docked vacation time if...?

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  • Can salaried employees be docked vacation time if...?

    As a salaried employee I work late regularly to get my job done. Today our boss told us he would dock our vacation/sick time if we show up later than 8 am. Since I work late pretty often is this legal?

    Also, at least once a week they make us have lunch meetings or trainings. Sometimes they require us to stay after work as well. We never acrue vacation time for these extra hours worked. He also said if we don't have vacation/sick time to dock he will dock pay.

    Is any of this legal?

    Thank you.

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    If you are exempt, the boss can require that you be at work on time, but cannot touch your pay if you are late (or leave early). You CAN be disciplined for this or even fired, but your pay cannot be touched. You could be required to use available PTO to cover full or partial day absences, but if you have no PTO left, the employer must still pay you for those partial days and for full day absences due to illness.

    Now if you are non-exempt, you only get paid for hours worked but do get overtime for working over 40 hours in a week.
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      So you're saying...

      if I or my coworkers are five minutes late we can be penalized but we can be required to work over a 40 hour work week and we have no recourse?


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        Exactly. You don't set the hours, your employer does.
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