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terminated, now what? Pennsylvania

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  • terminated, now what? Pennsylvania

    On August 8th, I was given a 30 day probation period for poor work performance. During the last 4 weeks, I was reviewed on a weekly basis and did not meet managements expectations so I was terminated. The termination meeting was informal with no written agreement or details, HR was not present. After the brief meeting, I called HR and they were not available for my questions or concerns. The company gave me one week notice, which I gratefully accepted. Although, I disagree with managements opinions I assume I have no choice but to accept it. I have worked at the company for 4 years and have earned several awards. I believe that I was terminated due to budget cuts. Regardless of the reason, I understand I am an "at will" employee and was not wrongfully terminated. I am concerned about unemployment, a severance package, cobra benefits, my earned vacation/personal days, career counseling services, and the "terms of my termination" (I would like the company to agree to file the termination as a "mutual separation" for my future employer references. . At this point, what are my rights? Am I entitled to any of the items mentioned above? Do you have advice as to how I should approach the situation when I return to work on Tuesday morning? Should I even go back to work? I am very confused.

    To add, the work environment is stressful and lead by poor management who uses "scare tactics" that create a hostile work environment. An example is: I was summoned to jury duty and emailed my boss for the time off, her reply was "You can have off for the jury selection day, however you have not been selected for jury duty YET, and you should do everything in your power to NOT be selected" Another example, I work in the fashion industry and was asked on numerous occasions to "try on" clothing for upper management. Although, this made me feel uncomfortable and objectified, I agreed because I felt like if I didn't I would be at risk for loosing my job. Instances such as these, made everyday feel like I was at risk for loosing my job. At this point, would I benefit by taking legal action against the employer? Please advise.
    Thank you

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