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Retaliatory Disciplinary Action? Pennsylvania

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  • Retaliatory Disciplinary Action? Pennsylvania

    I have been employed at my company for 31 years and have received extensive training through my company. Over the past two weeks I have been in a dispute with my manager, who has begun badgering me about my work. I called the EEOC in order to find out if this can be termed harrassment, since there was never a problem in the past. I subsequently told my manager that I obtained information from the EEOC and all hell broke loose. He went to the company president and HR director and said I was threatening the company. The next day the president called me into his office, would barely let me defend myself against my manager and started screaming at me for calling the EEOC (I did not file a claim). He then called me a fool and said they were going to write me up because he must protect the company. The following day I was called into the HR directors office where the HR director, my manager and company president presented me with a formal written warning which stated that I refused to do my job (not true) and threatened the company. A formal written warning is the step after an employee has received three verbal warnings. Well, I have never received a "warning" of any kind, but miraculously three documented incidences of verbal warnings were in my personnel file. I reviewed my personnel file last year and two of the three warnings were not there (the third was dated this week). I questioned my manager about this and he schrugged his shoulders and said he had copies. He also told me that the company did not have to tell me they were giving me a verbal warning. I signed the formal written warning and indicated that I did not agree with the findings. I wrote a 7-page rebuttal which I submitted to the company president. I closed this rebuttal by asking if there would be mediation since we are not in agreement. The bottom line is that I believe the discipliary action taken against me is in retaliation for me calling the EEOC with questions. I know this in itself is illegal. The "verbal warnings" were actually recaps of conversations my manager and I had and there was no mention of the word "warning" at all. The manager also wrote two pages of memos that present me in the worst possible light. My manager, HR director and company president have ganged up against me and this action could harm me in terms of opportunity and future raises, etc. Any thoughts as to what I do now?? This just isn't right.