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help, consultant work directly with the client Pennsylvania

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  • help, consultant work directly with the client Pennsylvania

    Hi. I'm new with this newsgroup. I'm working in a company as a computer consultant through an employment agency. The client likes me and wants me to work directly as a permanent staff. I recently read the contract letter between myself and employment agency. There is a clause that within 1 year of contract termination I'm not allowed to work directly with the client as permanent staff.

    I have the following questions.

    (1) A contract letter expires after the contract is terminated. Is this assumption correct? How is it possible a contract letter extends itself 1 year after the contract is terminated?

    (2) Does any Pennsylvania labor law allow the above clause?

    (3) It is hard for me to tell the client "do not hire me" because of this clause. Any recommendations what to do?

    Any responses are appreciated. Thank you so much.