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defamation of character? Pennsylvania

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  • defamation of character? Pennsylvania

    I applied for a promotion at my place of employment. One other person applied as well, and from the beginning I was totally aware this person was more qualified for the job. I discussed it with my boss and it was suggested I apply to make my desire for advancement known so if another position opened up, my name would be there. The other person in fact did get the position which I knew from the beginning would happen. I have been told recently that the person who got the promotion said several times to people during the waiting period the only reason why I would get promoted instead is because I was having an affair with our Boss. Of course this is a downright lie and I would like to know what, if anything I can do to bring the truth to light. All I want is my reputation cleared.

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    You may be putting too much faith in hearsay. Often such rumors are unfounded. People like to talk. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about that except proclaiming your innocence. Next time someone mentions the same to you, maybe you should let them know that it's not nice to pass such rumors around the office.

    If you wish to pursue further action, you should make management aware of the situation so they can *handle* the matter. Good luck!


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      robb has given you good advice. Moreover, to adequately pursue a defamation cause of action you would have to demonstrate that you suffered damages ... have you?


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        The only "damage" is to my reputation by who, if anyone, chooses to believe such rumors, and maybe the little faith in others I have managed to hold onto over the years. Thanks for the advice; I am sure this too shall pass.


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          Such damage is not very tangible, therefore it would be difficult for a court to award monetary damages assuming you would be able to prove defamation.

          As robb previously stated, I would alert the powers-at-be of your employer and make known your issues and concerns with these hurtful, slanderous and unfounded accusations.

          Best of luck.