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  • FMLA Question Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

    I am employed by a large outsourcing company. We specialize in processing medical claims by large and small medical insurance companies. A year and a half ago my husband and I recieved temporary custody of a little girl who was abused in every manor, physical, mental, and sexually. I had FMLA last year for her pshychological appointments. Around fall of last year some of her problems had gotten worse and I was off work without a dr note with no problem. I renewd my FMLA for 2006 and it is for intermintant leave. The dr stated on the paper for appointments and for me to stay at home with her. She is only 7 years old. I was off on May 11, at home with her due to an incident (no dr note). That day was approved. Then I was off on May 22 and a dr note was requested for the 11th and 22nd. I just wrote a paper and gave it to the HR dept. Well then a letter was requested from her dr, so when the dr came for a home visit he gave me a letter that he typed up explaining that he knew about the days off. They then wanted it faxed but he was out of the office, so my husband faxed it. That wasn't good enough because it wasn't faxed by the dr. So now they want the origianl letter sent by mail and I have the original. The HR department then sent a fax to the dr asking him to validate the days off, which he did in the letter. I'm not sure how many more hoops I'm going to have to jump through and the dr is getting very disgusted with my employer. My company has had many people laid off in the past year due to my employer outsourcing to India. I am afraid that this is their way of getting rid of me. I have had very good performance at my job. What should I do?? I'm feeling harrassed. I'm not the only one they have given problems to in the past few weeks with FMLA. HELP!

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    Under intermittant FMLA leave they can require you to have your doctor re-certify the need for the leave every 30 days. I don't believe that they can require a note for every absence. I'd suggest contacting the U.S. Department of Labor for clarification.
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      Markeeter, that's my understanding as well.
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        Thanks, I was confused, from Jan till now they never asked for a note-now all of the sudden they want a note.....I did find out, through the US Dept of Labor that they can request the FMLA paperwork to be recerted every 30 days, but that's not what they are asking for, they want the dr to validate the days off and that's what he did.....they are asking for the original document that my husband had faxed them....I think they are trying to see if I forged the document....I was wondering if you could direct me - when I can tell them no more jumping through your hoops, I would be happy to have the dr fill out the FMLA paperwork again.....Not sure if you can help, but Thanks for directing in the last post, you guys are great help