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can an employer make me pay for damages?

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  • can an employer make me pay for damages?

    hello, i work for a small tire company in pa (i work for my family). about to weeks ago i was putting tires on a piece of equipment and it fell off the jack, and caused damage to the suspension. then a couple days later a car ran me off the road and i hit a telephone poll and broke the mirror and a switch on the side of the truck. my employer says i caused around $10,000 worth of damage although i have not seen proof of this.
    my two questions are this:

    1. He says he can make me pay for this! is this true? i have consulted a couple of lawyers and they said no way! that is what insurance pays for! i can t afford that! it is a half years pay for me!

    2. he didnt fire me for it, but says i can reimburse him for the damages by work off the clock and to his benefit.

    what do i do? i am not really happy with the job anymore and i can t just up and quit, but i don t want to quit and then him sue me for the damages done!
    do i get a lawyer and go in one day and say i am not working the damages off, and tell him to contact my lawyer. i think he will fire but that is fine, can i get unemployement then since they were accidents?

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he wants me to work this weekend off the clock to start paying for the damages and i don t want to bring this up and lose m job, but i don t want to d osomething illegal either

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    Short and sweet.

    No, he can't make you pay for the damages. And he can't deduct them from your paycheck.

    No, you can't work off the clock without being paid, even if you agree to it.

    Yes, he can fire you.