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FIT/ PFT testing - Illinois

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  • FIT/ PFT testing - Illinois

    I'm having issues grasping the need for testing and in which circumstance.

    Let's say I have 8 painters.
    • 3 - wear full hoods with air supply
    • 2 - wear half masks with air supply
    • 4 - wear respirators without air supply

    I was under the impression, if a person wore a full hood, they were not required to have a PFT or FIT test prior to on boarding. But, then I heard all employees were required to have a PFT before starting in that role. And another, said both tests. Given the above list, who needs what tests and when?

    PFT and FIT before even starting their first day as a sprayer? Or just PFT before first day? FIT Testing annually?

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    Regulations for Fit tests, per OSHA

    You only need to test those using respirators. If they are just wearing a face mask like doctors wear to cover the mouth and nose, they do not.
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