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  • Oregon FAMILY LEAVE ACT Labor Law Poster

    The Oregon Family Leave Act, passed by the 1995 Legislature, requires employers of 25 or more employees to provide their workers with job protected leave to care for themselves or family members in cases of illness, injury, childbirth and adoption.
    When Can an Employee Take Family Leave?
    Employees can take family leave for the following reasons:
    . Parental Leave during the year following the birth of a child or adoption or foster placement of a child under 18, or a child 18 or older if incapable of self-care because of a mental or physical disability. Parental leave includes leave to
    effectuate the legal process required for foster placement or adoption.
    . Serious health condition leave for the employee’s own serious health condition, or to care for a spouse, parent, child, parent-in-law, or same-sex domestic partner with a serious health condition.
    . Pregnancy disability leave (a form of serious health condition leave) taken by a female employee for an incapacity related to pregnancy or childbirth, occurring before or after the birth of the child, or for prenatal care.
    . Sick child leave taken to care for an employee’s child with an illness or injury that requires home care but is not a
    serious health condition.
    Who is Eligible?
    . To be eligible for leave, workers must be employed for the 180-day calendar period immediately preceding the leave and in most cases must also work at least an average of 25 hours per week during the 180-day period.
    . Workers are eligible for parental leave after being employed for 180 calendar days, without regard to the numbers of hours worked per week.
    How Much Leave Can an Employee Take?
    . Employees are generally entitled to a maximum of 12 weeks of family leave within the employer’s 12-month leave year.
    . A woman using pregnancy disability leave is entitled to 12 additional weeks of leave in the same leave year for any qualifying OFLA purpose.
    . A man or woman using a full 12 weeks of parental leave is entitled to take up to 12 additional weeks for the purpose of sick child leave.
    What Notice is Required?
    . Employees are required to give 30 days notice in advance of leave, unless the leave is taken for an emergency. Employers may require that notice is given in writing. In an emergency, employees must give verbal notice within 24 hours of starting a leave.

    Is Family Leave Paid or Unpaid?
    . Although Family Leave is unpaid, employees are entitled to use any accrued paid vacation leave. Employees who take leave to care for a newborn, newly adopted child or newly placed foster child are entitled to use any accrued sick leave as well as vacation leave.
    How is an Employee’s Job Protected During a Leave?
    Employers must return employees to their former jobs or to equivalent jobs if the former positions no longer exist.

    Eligible employees who have been denied leave, disciplined or retaliated against for requesting or taking leave, or have been denied reinstatement to the same or equivalent position when they returned from a leave or requested leave may file a complaint with the Bureau of Labor and Industries, Civil Rights Division.
    This is a summary of Oregon’s laws relating to Family Leave Act. It is not a complete text of the law.