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Employer trying to clock workers in/out. Oregon

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  • wepto
    started a topic Employer trying to clock workers in/out. Oregon

    Employer trying to clock workers in/out. Oregon

    My employer is set to confiscate our time cards tomorrow; with the idea that our supervisor will clock us in/out. Their official policy is that we can't clock ourselves out anyway, that a supervisor has to clock us out at a master terminal and that swiping our card only gave the supervisor an idea of what time to clock us out at. I'm wondering if any of this is legal?

    Also, it might be (they were not really clear on what's going to happen) that we might have to track down our supervisor (who aren't always around) to get our time card and then clock ourselves on. Would I be right in assuming that I should get paid for the time spent looking for the sup?

  • Pattymd
    The law does not prohibit employers from having a supervisor (or anyone else, actually) clock employees in/out. All the law requires is that the employer keep records of the hours worked by nonexempt employees and they may do that any way they like.

    What would be illegal is for nonexempt employees to not get paid for all time worked. And yes, waiting for the supervisor to clock you out/approve your time would be time worked.

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