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Withdrawal from checks for mistakes: Oregon

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  • Withdrawal from checks for mistakes: Oregon

    I am an employee at a fast food franchise, and I recently made a mistake...

    I forgot to have a customer sign a credit card receipt that totaled $30. (Our policy is to have any receipt over $25 signed by the customer.) My manager told me that I have to sign the receipt, and that the $30 is going to be taken out of my next paycheck.

    The owners of the store customarily threaten to take money from our paychecks for any mistake we make -- even if it's trivial or innocent. I have a suspicion that this is illegal.

    Can they legally withdraw money from employees' paychecks for mistakes?

    And also, I have heard that businesses get the money from credit/debit transactions regardless of whether or not the receipts have customer signatures. Is this true or not?

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    I have no idea whether credit card companies reimburse merchants for unsigned credit card slips. However, that is irrelevant.

    Here is the law in Oregon regarding deductions from paychecks:

    And in English:

    They can threaten all they want; it's not a violation of the law until they follow through. However, once it is actually deducted from your pay, you can file a claim with the BOLI.
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      BTW, you can legally be fired for forgetting to have the customer sign the slip. Whether the store gets paid for it or not.
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